Correcting The False Teachings Of The Sacred Name Movement

There are many men who have come into the Church speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after themselves (Acts 20:30). One of the current things to confuse believers and have the get into doubt is the "Sacred Name Movement." The movement is based on having or trying to have the secret name of God. There are many factions of this movement, and they have many, many different names and pronunciations for the name of God and Jesus. Many believe that if you do not pronounce God's name like they guess it should be said then you are not saved.

They just do not like the name Jehovah or Jesus. It should cause you to pause and wonder why they fight only two main names, while they have dozens of different names, spellings, and pronunciations. My brethren, do not be led astray into man's traditions and theories that would have you deny the name of Jesus and follow their teachers and leaders.

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