94-Year-Old Grandpa Loves Giving Cat A Ride On His Walker

This video is so much fun to watch. A 94-year-old grandpa loves giving his cat a ride on his walker.

As the granddaughter shares, “My Gramps turned 94 today. His only request was to come over and give my cat 'rides.'” We see a precious video clip of an elderly man on a walker in his home. He appears at first to just be walking, but as he comes closer to the video, he has a sweet cat on his walker. 

He is giving the cat a good time strolling along in the living room. He is quite the animal lover. He smiles and looks at the camera, and says, “Ok so far?” The granddaughter giggles and they are loving this memory together. We see him continue to walk.

This might sound like an unusual request for a 94th birthday, but it is a genuine time of happiness for this sweet family. Sometimes it is the little things that make us the most appreciative for the lives which God has given to us. This man shows us that even in mundane places, we can have fun and reason to celebrate.

I particularly love this man’s attitude. A lot of people get sad and frustrated as they age. He appears to be taking it on with a grateful heart. Instead of being down about seeing a larger number, we too can be thankful about having another year of life. God is so wonderful to us, and we can glorify Him that we are invited to be part of HIs kingdom work while we are on this earth.

“This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalm 118:24


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