The Manger’ Anne Wilson And Josh Turner Christmas Hymn

The Manger’ Anne Wilson And Josh Turner Christmas Hymn

Two unbelievably gifted musicians turned in a touching and moving performance of a tune about the lowly beginnings of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is a terrific and joyous time of year, which is intended to be spent with friends and family. However, all those gifts, food and annual gatherings would be rendered meaningless if not for the birth of the Savior. That baby boy born to a virgin in a stable surrounded by animals changed the entire world. The child’s birth and His eventual excruciating death on the cross provided hope to all mankind.

Anne Wilson, joined by Josh Turner, highlights the surprising and humble way Jesus Christ entered the world with her song “The Manger.” Anne sets the stage, describing the nativity scene in the opening verse, complete with Mary, Joseph and the wise men. 

In the second verse, Anne recalls the basic and primitive nature of the piece of wood that holds the infant sent to Earth to save man from his sins. It was more than likely full of hay and held together by nothing more than a few nails, certainly not something fit for a king.

However, in the tune’s chorus, Anne and Josh use the manger and the stable in a unique way. The stable, according to the two musicians, is symbolic of just how far God was willing to go to save sinners. He was willing to humble himself for our sake.

“That stable tells the story of the distance You will go
For the lonely and the lost
There’s no sinner too far gone to find a Savior
Lyin’ in the manger”

What a beautifully written chorus and idea! Because of God’s immense, unceasing and undeserving love, mercy and grace, He was and is willing to go anywhere to save a sinner, even to a poorly built manger in a stable filled with farm animals. 

Luke 2:7 “And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.”

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