'The God Of His Word: Everything (Women)' Kathie Lee Gifford And The Shindellas

'The God Of His Word: Everything (Women)' Kathie Lee Gifford And The Shindellas

This is a video that gets our hearts in a worshipful state. Check out this clip, “The God of His Word: Everything (Women)” by Kathie Lee Gifford and the Sindellas.

At the start of this video, a beautiful young woman comes on the video singing Scripture that she praises God because He is her strength and her salvation. She praises God in modern-day attire in the authentic Holy Land today. 

Suddenly, another stunning young woman appears and sings of her need for God, that He is her rock and how He is her Savior. She gives gratitude. A third gorgeous woman appears with her powerhouse voice as they all worship, singing glory to the name of Jesus, who washed away their shame. 

This small snippet of this worship song gets anyone's heart excited about this Bible project that Kathie Lee Gifford is taking on. The videography is fantastic, and the vocalists are all amazing. 

As we view the old world with the new modern day, we know that we have a history of hope because of what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross. 

This visual of these women of today being in the Holy Land is just an incredible depiction that this age-old truth is still impacting lives today and still drawing people into eternity with God. 

It gives us hope for the future generations to come and reminds us that just as God’s Word has been, it will always stand the test of time. We know that His message of the gospel is forever, and His sacrifice is for all. Whoever believes in Jesus will have eternal life.

“For the word of God will never fail.” Luke 1:37

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