'Let My Life Be Worship' Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson And Michaela Gentile

'Let My Life Be Worship' Bethel Music, Jenn Johnson And Michaela Gentile

Listen to this incredible song called ‘Let My Life Be Worship’ by Bethel Music featuring Jenn Johnson and Michaela Gentile.

“This moment is holy and I hear You calling, I turn my face towards You
And my heart is open, You’re always pursuing and my life’s surrendered
You have my affection, so let my life be worship and let my heart stay true
May my love never grow cold, may it burn forevermore, may my life be worship to You”

The writers of this powerful song are Jenn Johnson, Jess Cates, Michaela Gentile, and Sam Hart. And ‘Let My Life Be Worship’ is part of Bethel Music’s new album titled Simple.

“This album focuses on the simplicity of intimate worship with God,” Bethel Music writes on their website. “We want to give the Lord our most honest, vulnerable selves and this album guides us into that desired heart posture before the Lord. As a movement, Bethel Music has been brought back to this word ‘Simple’ time and time again over the last couple of years. This project, from the lyrics and melodies to the visual landscape, has the concept of ‘simple’ woven through it. There is something so special about simplifying our worship and focusing on our song to Him, and that is exactly what this album does.”

‘Let My Life Be Worship,’ along with the rest of their songs on the new album, were recorded in Redding, CA and were captured in real time with no overdubs or augmentation.

“Our heart was to bring as real and genuine an offering as possible, and we feel confident that we have managed to accomplish just that,” writes Bethel Music. “The intentionality of every note, lyric placement, and chord progression translates through each song, as does the tender heart of each person involved. Our prayer is that you are able to pull up a chair and soak in the beauty and authenticity of this project the way we have.”

We hope that this beautiful song was able to encourage you today!

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