'Build A Boat' Colton Dixon Live Performance

Praise the Lord as Colton Dixon reminds us of HIs almighty power with the single, ‘Build A Boat.’ As you hear these words, remember that God is always in control and He will be the guiding light in the dark.

“I’ll do anything it takes 
With Your wind in my sails
Your love never fails or fades
I’ll build a boat in the desert place”

Colton Dixon became a household name after appearing on the eleventh season of American Idol. The singing competition introduced him to the world.

After the show ended, he continued to follow his dream of performing. Colton knew he wanted to sing about his faith and that’s exactly what he did.

Now, this talented musician is a staple in the Christian music world and he has released multiple albums, all of which have spent time on the Billboard charts.

Today, he’s sharing a special performance of ‘Build A Boat.’

“I've been hanging on to high hopes
Cuz you’re the one who’s making dry bones
Come to life
You’re the light I put my trust in”

For this inspiring song, Colton partnered with Mercy Ships, a charity organization that brings hospital ships to places around the world in need of healthcare and life-saving surgery. 

On Instagram, Colton wrote, “This song is all about having faith, and it means a lot that we can bring hope to other people around the world together.”

2 Samuel 22:33 “God is my strength and power: and he makes my way perfect.”


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