Bindi Irwin Sobs Recalling Fear Of Miscarriage During Endometriosis Battle

Bindi Irwin Sobs Recalling Fear Of Miscarriage During Endometriosis Battle

The daughter of the late Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin, has opened up and is now discussing why she was so fearful and panic-stricken during her pregnancy. 

Being a parent is one of if not the greatest blessings in life. Children add so much joy, love and happiness. However, the road to becoming a mother and a father is not always an easy or pleasant time for every couple. It’s a journey often filled with fears, hurt, struggle, heartache and tears. 

Bindi Irwin, who suffers from endometriosis, is all too familiar with the fears associated with pregnancy. In a clip posted on YouTube, Bindi explains how she often believed and feared she was experiencing a miscarriage while pregnant with her daughter, Grace, who was born in 2021. It’s a period in time that brings tears to her eyes, causing her to become emotional as she reflects on what she went through and experienced. 

“Along my pregnancy journey, I would often have times I thought I was miscarrying because I would have severe unexplained pain,” Bindi said. “And I would think I was losing our beautiful daughter.”

Prior to becoming pregnant, the excruciating symptoms began years earlier. Bindi began experiencing the debilitating pain as a teenager. 

In addition to being painful, Bindi mentions how she underwent test after test, procedure after procedure, looking for an answer to what was happening to her body.

“I was tested for cancer,” Bindi said. “I had MRIs. I had ultrasounds. I had CT scans, just, you name it. I was checked for everything, and the scariest thing was that there were no answers.”

As the clip mentions, earlier in 2023, Bindi underwent surgery, finally confirming her condition. Following surgery, Bindi explained how the doctor was flabbergasted.

“When I got out of surgery, the first thing he said to me was, ‘How did you live with that much pain?’”

The daughter of Steve Irwin hopes that being so open and honest about her situation will help others not feel so alone who may be going through something similar. 

“I hope that other people will find comfort in my story,” Bindi said. “That they will find that maybe my story resonates. That maybe, if you’ve gone through undiagnosed, unbelievable pain, you will be able to say, ‘Hey, that girl has symptoms similar to mine. Maybe this is what’s wrong with me.’”

Psalm 54:4 “See, God is my helper: the Lord is the great supporter of my soul.”

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