Elvis Lookalike Chilling Cover Of The Beatles’ ‘Something’

Elvis Lookalike Chilling Cover Of The Beatles’ ‘Something’

A talented young man who looks similar to Elvis Presley, Elliot James Reay, turned in a dazzling cover of a classic hit from The Beatles.

No two people are 100 percent alike. Everyone has their own individual preferences, likes, dislikes and tastes. Most people will have slightly different opinions on food, television shows, films and vacation spots. 

However, when it comes to music and some of the most influential bands of all time, it’s hard to name one more universally loved than The Beatles. The Beatles, during their short time together, were surprisingly prolific. Their many classic tunes are still widely heard and easily identifiable, often within the first few notes.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Elliot gives a stunning performance of one of the Fab Four’s classics, “Something.” Elliot’s vocals are outstanding, as is the entire band who backs up the young crooner and plays the legendary tune. 

“Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me
I don’t want to leave her now
You know I believe and how”

No one will ever be able to top the version first put out by The Beatles. That will simply not happen. But Elliot’s rendition, the short 3-and-a-half-minute clip, is still enjoyable. As far as covers of “Something” go, this is easily among the best. 

Other people chimed in with their love and adoration of Elliot’s performance of The Beatle hit, sharing their thoughts on the video’s YouTube page.

“Hey Elliot, you have such a unique voice, this is an amazing experience!!! Thanks for sharing your talent!!!” one person wrote.

“Being English, I was raised on the Beatles. This rendition is beautiful! Well done Elliot!” a second individual added.

“Elliot another amazing performance!!! Thank you so much for sharing the gift God gave you with us. You’re truly gifted,” someone else mentioned.

Psalm 104:33 “I will make songs to the Lord all my life; I will make melody to my God while I have my being.”

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