Silver Medal Performance From Meryl Davis And Charlie White To Michael Jackson Hit

Silver Medal Performance From Meryl Davis And Charlie White To Michael Jackson Hit

It is always entertaining to watch a good ice skating routine. Check out this silver medal performance from Meryl Davis and Charlie White to Michael Jackson hit.

As the pair is announced, they enter the ice rink, preparing for a stellar performance. The two are focused and begin their routine. They have intensity and poise as Charlie skates around Meryl. He lifts her effortlessly and spins her on the ice. 

The song, Billy Jean, is remixed to a slower version, and the two have such focus and chemistry. The moves that they compete with seem so smooth and easy, but these are incredibly high-level and challenging to learn. This is what makes their performance a medal-winning one.

Suddenly, the song begins to pick up, and their lifts begin to wow the crowd even more. They take us on a journey and show us how powerful their moves are as a team. They twirl in unison, move with grace, and have their own special flare. 

It is great to see their heart in every motion. They skate with passion. It takes so much trust to do these moves together, and the two of them have built a relationship as teammates. Individually they are wonderful skaters, but I would argue that together they are phenomenal. 

The two end with Meryl in a split, lifted above Charlie’s head, spinning around multiple times. It is powerful!

In Scripture, we see the concept multiple times of community. We all have different gifts to bring to the table that are meant to be used together. When we encourage each other, we build one another up, and the church body can be more effective for the kingdom of God. 

May their performance excite believers that we can be powerful together with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

“For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” Romans 12:4-5

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