Matted Rescue Dog Gets New Look After 5-Hour Haircut

One precious rescue dog underwent a multi-hour haircut because his fur was in such horrible shape, and by the end of the process, Lenny looked and acted like a completely different dog. 

Animals are kind, loving and resilient beings. Like humans, they want someone to show them kindness and love because they have so much to give themselves. This is especially true for dogs, as anyone who has had the pleasure of owning one of those furry, four-legged creatures knows.

A clip posted on YouTube begins with a pair of women working together to give Lenny, a rescue dog, a much-needed haircut. Lenny, as the women state several times in the clip, was in bad 

shape. However, as much as the women wanted to help him, Lenny was unsure of the situation initially. It took the animal a few minutes to warm up to the women trying to help him. 

Not only was Lenny's hair in a terrible state but he also didn't smell the greatest.

“He smells like every bad smell I’ve ever smelled combined,” one of the women said.

But by the end of the multi-hour haircut, Lenny’s attitude had totally changed. It was clear he was grateful for the kindness they had shown him.

“The very last part of shaving, he was turning around and giving Lauren kisses,” one of the women in the clip said. “He was a completely different dog.”

After the California animal rescue cleaned up Lenny, they posted a photo of the dog on Instagram. Christina, a foster mom, saw the photo, went over and picked up the newly-groomed animal. While she quickly fell in love with Lenny, she admits that Lenny “looked like a plucked chicken.”

Despite whatever situation Lenny had experienced in his past, he quickly opened up to Christina, her husband and her son. Lenny wanted someone to show him love because he obviously had a ton he wanted to share. 

“It was really love on first sight for everyone,” Christina said. 

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.” 

Source: The Dodo

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