‘In My Blood’ Joel Smallbone Sings In ‘Journey To Bethlehem’ Film

‘In My Blood’ Joel Smallbone Sings In ‘Journey To Bethlehem’ Film

One member of the Christian music duo, For King & Country, who stars in the new film “Journey to Bethlehem,” gives a show-stopping performance of the tune “In My Blood.”

The birth of Jesus Christ is a story filled with several miracles. God sent His one and only Son to Earth, who was born of a virgin in a stable in Bethlehem. Following Christ’s entrance into the world, there were real threats against the child’s life. But God, with His infinite faithfulness and love, protected Mary, Joseph and the newly-born Savior of the world.

Herod, a jealous, paranoid and blood-thirsty ruler, is depicted as wanting to know the child’s location. He instructed the wise men to relay that information to him so that he could worship the Christ child. He wanted to praise and honor the child as well. At least that’s what he said anyway. 

But, as the Bible states, King Herod had sinister, evil ulterior motives. He wanted to rid the world of someone he saw as trying to threaten and end his reign as king. However, God, being ever faithful, kept His hand of protection upon Mary, Joseph and His Son.

In a clip from the film, “Journey to Bethlehem,” Joel Smallbone, who plays Antipater, the first-born son of Herod, sings “In My Blood.” It’s a song about Antipater growing up with a father like Herod and how he wanted nothing more than to prove his worth to him. 

However, as the song mentions, Antipater sings that he has demonstrated bravery and fearlessness and is now feared by many. Has he finally won his father’s approval? Is he now worthy of attention from his father? 

He wonders aloud about the kind of king and ruler he would be given who his father is and what he’d done. Also, he fears what kind of man he has become after idolizing and modeling himself after Herod and whether he can change.

“You’re all I wanted to be
But now it’s all unraveling
There’s blood on my hands
Don’t know if I am
A monster or the son of a king”

Matthew 2:16 “Then Herod, when he saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, was very angry; and he sent out, and put to death all the male children in Bethlehem and in all the parts around it, from two years old and under, acting on the knowledge which he had got with care from the wise men.”

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