Drive Thru History :: American History

Drive Thru History :: American History

American history as it always was--taught as it's never been. Explore the lives of individuals who founded America in a fun and excited journey with host Dave Stotts. The values-based course explores the lives of individuals who founded our nation in faith, through a commitment to God and Country.rnrnWho were the Founders, really? The legacy of our Founders has inspired courage, promoted innovation, and has been the bulwark of this, the greatest nation in history. Yet, revisionism continues to push that undeniable legacy into the shadows. Drive Thru History: America takes you back to the original writings and words spoken by our Founders in order to explore the lives of these brave men and women and understand their character, faith, accomplishments and principles.rnrnThe award-winning Drive Thru History video series team, in collaboration with historian, David Barton (President of Wallbuilders) and accomplished curriculum specialist, Dr. Nita Thomason, proudly present this new, complete, standards-aligned curriculum supported by another of Dave Stotts' fast-paced drives through history. This values-based course explores the lives of eight individuals who, through commitment to God and Country, helped lay the groundwork for the United States of America.rnrnVisit the Drive Thru History America Website:rnhttp://www.dthamerica.comrnrnProduced by ColdWater Media:rnhttp://www.coldwatermedia.comrnrnEarly American Characters:rnGeorge Washington, Abigail Adams, John Quincy Adams, Dr. Benjamin Rush, Benjamin, Banneker, Benjamin Franklin, Haym Salomon, Noah Websterrnrn.

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