Sister Grandmas Dance to 'The Loco-Motion' in Fun Viral Video

Sister Grandmas Dance to 'The Loco-Motion' in Fun Viral Video

There isn’t a grouchy one in this group of three senior sister grandmas who dance to “The Loco-Motion” in a fun viral video.

Seen from left to right are Wendy Dreger, Lois Kreutzer, and Donna Emes, who all live in Winnipeg, Canada. Without costumes, props, or fanfare, these siblings have entertained viewers more than 5 million times with their playful routine to Little Eva’s rendition of “The Loco-Motion.”

It wasn’t the intention of Wendy, Lois, and Donna to connect with the masses. They just wanted to connect with their grandkids. And, kudos to these ladies for meeting those grandkids where they live—on social media!

It’s Donna who gets their device and technology in place and going, quickly stepping back into position for the dance. Does that mean she is the oldest or the youngest? While they may not have worried about the window dressing on this video, they certainly practiced their act before going live.

They snap their fingers together as the music dictates. They swing their hips on cue. No arthritis was observed in those moves! And, they have mastered the “jump back,” choreographing the jumps to be in a sequence rather than a singular motion. Love it!

Wendy, Lois, and Donna definitely delivered the fun factor to their grandkids, who must have been touched by the grandmothers’ digital gift. What a memory to have! But, there’s no telling how many laughs they shared as they concocted, prepared, and executed their plan.

Sisters are special. Having one (or a whole bunch) is truly a blessing. These ladies certainly look blessed and joyful. In a world where everything seems painfully serious much of the time, what a treat it is to have folks like Wendy, Lois, and Donna bring a little lightness and levity to us all.

The grandmas weren’t expecting the adoration of so many, but they aren’t shying away. They expect to make more TikTok videos, perhaps including the grandkids the next time around. That should make for a chaotic, crazy-cool, old-meets-young video and, more importantly, a mountain of memories for their families!

“Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the Lord’s people.” Philemon 1:7

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