5 Dancers Stand Against Bullying With Emotional Performance On BGT

5 Dancers Stand Against Bullying With Emotional Performance On BGT

It’s a beautiful thing when children begin to see their place in the world and find ways to make a difference. Five dancers stand against bullying with an emotional performance on BGT. 

These five dancers happen to be boys who want to tell the world that dance is not just a girl’s sport. These boys, Adam, Toby-Jay, Ollie, Joey, and Beau are ages ten through twelve. One boy, Toby-Jay told the judges, “No matter what people say, just carry on what you’re doing because it’s what you love.”

They danced to the song, “You Will Be Found” from the musical, “Dear Evan Hansen.” Their performance was a powerful story about a boy feeling alone, rejected, and bullied. It was an incredible moment when they ended their performance and acted by giving the boy who was “left out” a letter jacket to help him feel included. 

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room and their dance was met with a standing ovation. The judges praised the group and told them they should be “enormously proud” of themselves for winning over all four judges! 

And now, their video is going viral with over 17,000 views. One viewer commented, “These kids are so talented and they have the right to do this without being intimidated by cowardly bullies. Well done to them all.”

Another viewer added, “I'm just amazed that these little boys could understand and perform such a meaningful performance. You know, they accept their friend, who might be different from others, and gave him the coat at the end, like the metaphor and all. And they understand how judgemental society can be to "boys who dance". Let the kids be, let them do what they love, and stop being so judgemental and shoving your opinions down other's throat.”

These sweet boys go to show us that we are all loved, valued, and included in God’s kingdom. What a beautiful representation of Jesus in this stunning performance! We need more kids with hearts like theirs in this world.

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