Gary R. Kane - WHAT AM I TO DO WITH MY LIFE ~ PART 2 (The Walk of Purity)

Gary R. Kane - WHAT AM I TO DO WITH MY LIFE  ~  PART 2  (The Walk of Purity)

New Life Ministry

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Welcome, and thank you for visiting the video ministry of
Let me begin by saying these videos are for "everyone."

They minister and speak to the needs of all of us, ‘especially the Church.’ These video messages, address our walk

with Christ. We cover righteousness, the law of Christ vs the law of sin and death, true grace, deliverance and

spiritual warfare, and living the crucified life. Also, Ministry and spiritual gifts, and holy living, and the

condition of the Church in these last days.

These messages were preached at a Bible School in Texas, and filmed by Aurora Productions. These Ministry videos

are 'NOT' just for bible students. These are very powerful and anointed messages, and whether you are a Minister or

teacher of the word of God, or you are just someone hungry for more of God, and the teaching of the cross and the

walk of purity and righteousness, we highly recommend these videos to you!

We are confident the Holy Spirit will use these messages to find the mark in everyone's heart that has an ear to

hear, and a heart to receive what God is saying to us all in these last days.

God bless you all!
Rev. Gary R. Kane
New Life Ministry

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