'Father of Jesus' Jonathan David Helser Worship Performance

'Father of Jesus' Jonathan David Helser Worship Performance

Listen to this beautiful worship performance of the song ‘Father of Jesus’ by Jonathan David Helser.

“Father of Jesus bankrupted heaven, You gave Your only Son away
Fully surrendered what You most treasured, risking it all to save us
You, and only You could know the price You’d have to pay
You, and only You would have this much to give away” 

The song ‘Father of Jesus’ is from the album titled The Land I’m Livin’ In, and it was written by Jonathan David Helser and Paul and Hannah McClure. The worship song is wonderful, and it is just beautiful to see all of those people in the music video worshiping together in that room and praising our Heavenly Father.

“Another deeply worshipful song comes out of Bethel. What a blessing to the body,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video.

“There's no denying the personal depth of knowing God when you hear songs written such as this. It drips with love and relationship with Him,” writes another person online.

Jonathan David Helser shares about one of his favorite parts of the song ‘Father of Jesus’ on his Facebook page.

“One of my favorite things about a written song is when you walk off the map of the words on a page and engage the spontaneous song of your heart,” he writes. “This section at the end of ‘Father of Jesus’ was one of those moments: ‘You reached into the clay, pulled a man up to Your face, knelt in the dust and You kissed us with grace, You covered all the space, and all the distance between me and You, when You ran to meet me on that road, You hung Your arms open wide, between two thieves You cried, Father forgive them, You gave it all away, I can never understand the price You paid when You bankrupted heaven to save us….’”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Father of Jesus’ today and it was able to encourage your heart.

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