Bodycam Video of Dad After Heroic Rescue of His Kids Trapped in Riptide

Bodycam Video of Dad After Heroic Rescue of His Kids Trapped in Riptide

Peyton Hillis is a hero! And it has nothing to do with anything the former NFL player did on the football field.

On January 5, on a beach in Pensacola, Florida, Peyton rushed into the ocean to save his two children, according to Peyton’s son and daughter had been caught up in a riptide and were being swept away when the former Cleveland Browns running back went in after them.

His children did not sustain injuries thanks to Peyton’s heroic efforts!

However, after saving his children, it was Peyton who needed emergency medical attention. A video clip posted to YouTube shows EMTs working on Peyton right on the beach. 

Soon Peyton was put in a helicopter near the emergency site. The video shows the helicopter taking off and leaving the area. He was rushed to a hospital for treatment. 

Peyton was put in intensive care and listed in critical condition at the hospital. Peyton’s kidneys were not functioning correctly after his daring rescue. The medical professionals also put Peyton on a ventilator.

However, about a week later, on January 11, Peyton’s ventilator was removed, according to CBSNews. Peyton’s condition continued to improve. Then, more than two weeks after the incident, Peyton was released from the hospital, reports.

Praise God! 

Peyton’s girlfriend and actress, Angela Cole, posted a photo on social media of the former NFL star and his medical team. In the caption, Angela gave glory to God and those medical professionals who helped with Peyton’s recovery.

“God is so good! Peyton has been discharged from the hospital,” she wrote. “The amount of love and gratitude I have for the incredible team that took care of Peyton is indescribable.”

Others commenting on the YouTube video of EMTs working on Peyton praised his heroic efforts.

“What a beast of a man,” one person wrote.

“That’s a Dad right there. He’s a hero,” a second person posted.

“Way to go dad! Doesnt matter what you did your whole life, this was the moment you became a hero forever,” another user commented. 

Ephesians 6:1 “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.”

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