Actor Josh Gad Hilariously Skippers The Jungle Cruise At Walt Disney World

Actor Josh Gad hilariously skippers The Jungle Cruise at Walt Disney World. In this gut-busting clip, Josh shares that he had always wanted to be a Skipper when he was little. Sadly when he asked as a young lad, his dreams were denied. But now that he is all grown up at the age of 41, Disney decided to make Josh’s dreams come true. 

Walt Disney guests that signed up to ride The Jungle Cruise were in for a real treat. Josh is known for his roles as Olaf in the Disney films, Frozen, and Frozen II, and as LeFou in Beauty and the Beast. Even though Josh had zero experience as a Skipper captain–I would have signed up in a heartbeat. The video clip is everything I imagined it to be on one of my favorite Disney rides. 

Josh cracked a bunch of jokes and tickled the guests who hopped aboard for The Jungle Cruise. As they ship off on their journey, Josh comments, “I’ve never done this before. These guys are in for a ride.” 

He also reminded the folks on board they need to go home and watch Frozen II. With his love for Disney and his favorite ride, Josh cracked a few jokes on the tour. “Here in the rain forest, it rains 365 days a year,” he quipped before adding, “Some years it even rains every day. You can feel free to laugh. Surely you don’t have to. I’m not going to get any more.”

There were a few chuckles over his commentary. But  as they enter the waters where alligators live, Josh proceeded to them, “I was told this stretch of river was filled with alligators,” before pointing to an aminal in the water when he says, “That’s a croc!” 

The tour comes upon a family of elephants when Josh can’t help but inform the passengers on his ride, “Look what we found, guys. The secret bathing pool of the Indian elephants. And it’s okay to stare. They have their trunks on.” 

Just watching the video–I’m laughing. I imagine I would be falling over in my seat if I were a passenger on the ride with Josh as the Skipper. But don’t take my word for it. Watch it for yourself. 

Source: Disney Parks

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