Jesus Changed My Life - Katy Nichole (Official Video)

Jesus Changed My Life - Katy Nichole (Official Video)

Katie Nichole has had a few hit songs in her repertoire, and her newest ,'Jesus Changed My Life,’ does not disappoint.

Katie was born with scoliosis but wasn’t diagnosed until the age of five. She had surgery in 2015 to put rods in to try and correct her back. The surgery, however, did not go as planned, and she ended up in more pain than before.

Depression soon came calling her name. She went back in to have surgery to take the rods out and came out of that surgery with a straighter spine than she had ever had! The doctors said it was a miracle.

She attributes it all to God and his grace and mercy. She said, “During that hard season, I wrote a song. I was praying for Jesus to change my life, to give me the strength to pursue him.”

In the video for Jesus Changed My Life, Katy is in a serene desert by herself. She is wearing white cowboy boots and a white dress with gold fringe. Her dark brown wavy hair is hanging down over her shoulders.

The scene is beautiful. With the gorgeous mountains behind her and the green luscious cacti and other desert plants all around her, the video has an almost calming effect.

The song starts, and it has a twangy, country feel to it. We see Katy’s white snakeskin cowboy boots in slow motion as she walks toward a microphone. She steps up to the mic and starts to sing.

The video takes turns between up-close views and far away. The mountains are gorgeous, and the sun is gleaming behind her. We see peaks of it through the gold fringe when Katy lifts her arms in worship.

She sings with ease and looks up to the sky, and smiles while she is praising. The chorus erupts with power saying,

“Grace came calling my name, lifted my soul up out of that grave. Was Hell bound, lost, and then found. Look what you’ve done, you’ve turned it all around.”

Katy has great emotion and feels every word she sings. At one point she claps to the beat, and the viewers know she means every lyric she is singing. In the end, the camera zooms out, leaving her alone in the desert.

Deuteronomy 31:8 “The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”

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