Best Juggler of All Time' on Ellen Show

Best Juggler of All Time' on Ellen Show

April 18 th is International Jugglers Day. I know. I didn’t know there was such a day.

Well, Anthony Gatto deserves the recognition. He makes juggling look easy. Anthony was born in Manhattan. His stepfather taught him to juggle at a very young age. By age five,, his skills had surpassed his stepfather’s.

He became a world-class juggler by the age of nine, and his family moved to Las Vegas when he was 14 to advance his career. He currently holds nine juggling world records and has performed all over the world, including Paris, Australia, Italy, Belgium, and Mexico.

He also performed in England in presence of the Queen Mother and the Prince and Princess of Wales!

In this video, Ellen starts off sitting in her usual comfy chair and introduces Anthony saying, “Time magazine called him the best juggler ever.”

As upbeat music starts to play, Anthony starts out bouncing a ball off his face. He is wearing a beautiful blue-green sparkly outfit. He is tapping his feet out to the sides, almost as if he is dancing.

A little sneaky clown comes in and throws different items for him to juggle. This is actually his wife, Danielle.

During the performance, Anthony juggles a variety of items, including balls, hoops, and pins.

He juggles so many items at one time and so fast that one cannot count how many items he is using. He tosses items behind his back and spins around, which makes the crowd ooh and aah. At one point, he balances a stick with little containers on it and juggles what look like ping pong balls and tosses them all up, and catches them in the baskets attached to the stick.

Ellen joins Anthony and calls the performance unbelievable. She then asks if he can teach her how to juggle. He asks if she is right-handed or left-handed, and in typical Ellen humor, she says, “Right. I don’t think that matters really.” She impressively juggles three balls with Anthony’s help.

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