Celebrities Hilariously Misguess Phrase On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

Celebrities Hilariously Misguess Phrase On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’

A trio of celebrities had quite the time figuring out the puzzle on an episode of a beloved game show.

For decades, audiences have tuned in to watch Pat Sajak and Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune. Pat and Vanna are irreplicable and are synonymous with the iconic television program where contestants attempt to uncover words and phrases. Throughout the years, some contestants have had a more difficult time than others on the show.

A clip of the show posted on TikTok has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. The segment shows three celebrities – comedian Paul Scheer, actress Luenell and comedian Mary Lynn Rajskub – struggling to complete one particular puzzle.

The puzzle consists of two words, in which most of the letters have been uncovered. The first word appears to be and is the word “thrilling.” However, the second word is the one that gives all three of them some trouble. In fact, at one point, the studio audience laughs as one of them attempts to solve the puzzle.

Mary Lynn, who uncovers all the vowels, says she would like to solve the puzzle. She guesses, “thrilling caterpillars,” which causes several in the audience to chuckle. Pat informs her that her answer is off the mark.

Paul then gives it a shot. His guess is much closer, but it still comes up short. He replies, “Thrilling waterslide.” Unfortunately, that’s not right either. 

Luenell proceeds to spin the wheel, picks the correct letters and then tries to solve the puzzle, also. But for some reason, she says the exact same thing that Paul said only seconds before her. “Thrilling waterslide” is her answer and it’s still wrong.

It eventually comes back to Paul after Mary Lynn selects the wrong letter. Paul, by this point, has now figured it out…maybe. He states that he would like to solve the puzzle and responds, “Thrilling waterslides.” 

Finally, someone has figured it out! 

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”

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