Kindergarten Teacher Makes Broadway Debut After Surprise From Aladdin Star

A loving and devoted teacher was repaid for all her effort and received the surprise of a lifetime.

Teaching is a noble profession. For the most part, it is made up of dedicated educators who give of themselves, selflessly pouring their time and talent into the next generation. Teachers play a huge role in millions of young lives every single day. 

Lori Anne Travers, a kindergarten teacher, is one of those dedicated educators. She loves her job and the children she has the honor of educating. She confessed she would go to great lengths for her students. 

“Teaching is a dream job for me,” Lori Anne said in a video posted to YouTube. “I would go through fire for these children. They mean absolutely everything to me.”

Lori Anne goes the extra mile for her children. However, before teaching, Lori Anne dreamt of performing on Broadway, wowing crowds with her talent for the arts.

Now, she uses her love of the performing arts to help her teach the students. But little did she know that she was going to get a chance to perform on Broadway after all.

A Broadway actor, one of the stars of the hit musical Aladdin informed her that she was going to be on Broadway. Lori Anne would be on stage, taking part in a real, live production. 

The look on the dedicated teacher’s face, when she was informed about her upcoming Broadway debut, was one of stunned silence. She was momentarily rendered speechless! 

But later in the clip, after rehearsing with the musical's stars, getting her costume and undergoing makeup, she stepped out onto the stage!

This teacher lived a dream! What an awesome way to give back to someone who is so dedicated to her students.

Luke 6:40 “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone, when he is fully trained, will be like his teacher.”


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