‘I’ve Got The Lord On My Side/Jesus Loves Me’ Reba McEntire

‘I’ve Got The Lord On My Side/Jesus Loves Me’ Reba McEntire

A country music legend put her unrivaled talents to work when she sang about Jesus Christ and her relationship with Him. 

For decades, Reba McEntire has thrilled audiences with her unbelievable talent and beautiful voice. Her enormously successful career has been highlighted by such chart-topping hits as “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” “Fancy” and “Does He Love You.” 

However, instead of singing about broken or strained human relationships, Reba sang about Jesus Christ in an appearance at the iconic Ryman Auditorium in the heart of country music, Nashville, Tennessee. 

In a clip posted to YouTube, the “Because of You” singer walked out onto a darkened stage to a packed crowd while belting out the lyrics to “Jesus Loves Me.” 

She sings the simple but beloved song about Christ’s unconditional love as the lights soon come up. The crowd absolutely loves it! They give her a hearty round of applause, while Reba acknowledges their reaction and takes a gracious bow.

The music quickly picks up and Reba goes right into a performance of her song “I’ve Got the Lord on My Side.” Reba sings the song’s catchy and toe-tapping lyrics, which explains the massive grin on her face and her cheerful, happy demeanor. 

She’s got the Lord on her side, the musician and actress sings.

“If you see this big ol’ happy grinnin’ smile on my face
It’s cause I’m happy, I got the Lord on my side
Oh, I’m smilin’, I got the Lord on my side

In the song, she then directs listeners to take a series of actions, if they are happy also. Listeners are instructed to stomp, clap and sing. It sounds like there are several people who are joyful in the audience. They clap right on cue with Reba and the other musicians on stage.

What an terrific clip of a massively popular musician at the top of her game who uses her talents to praise the Lord! 

Psalm 118:6 “The Lord is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do to me?”

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