Holderness Family Sings About Dirty Dishes Fleece Pants

Holderness Family Sings About Dirty Dishes Fleece Pants

Imitation, it has been said, is the sincerest form of flattery. If that’s actually the case, singer Alanis Morissette should be absolutely overjoyed after her look and iconic sound were duplicated in a YouTube video.

In the  “Alanis Morissette Narrates Your Day” clip, the Holderness Family creates a parody mishmash of the singer’s well-known and beloved songs. While still using the same general sound and rhythm of the original songs, the lyrics have been changed significantly. 

Alanis’ angsty lyrics about relationships and breakups are changed out for ones about regular, everyday family life. A man wearing a long and ill-fitting black wig and a black t-shirt underneath an unbuttoned white dress shirt carries a microphone around as he hilariously and exaggeratedly sings the new lyrics. 

The first song that gets the parody treatment is “You Oughta Know.” But in place of lyrics of someone angrily addressing an ex, they are about putting away dirty dishes properly. 

“Yeah, do you actually think that when they’re left in the sink
That they will magically go in the washer
And I can still see your cup”

At the 1:20-minute mark, the video changes location and song. This time the singer, while serenading a woman in the driver’s seat, is in a minivan singing about picking up children and traffic to the tune of “Ironic.”

The singer changes location yet again at the 2:45-minute mark in the video. This time we’re in the living room and the man sings lyrics about being comfortable in fleece pants. 

Not only are the singer’s updated lyrics funny, but they are also incredibly clever and witty. His style reminds very heavily of the most famous parody singer of all time: “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Other people also thoroughly enjoyed the Alanis parodies.

“THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!!!! Thank you so much for giving us the Alanis content that I’ve always craved. You guys are the best! P.S. the wig was essential,” one person wrote on YouTube.

“The wig is absolutely perfect! The “You Oughta Know” song written to kids make a mess is the brand new mom anthem!! LOVE IT!!,” someone else posted in response to the video.  

Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother: that your days may be long on the land which the Lord your God gives you.”

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