Iam Tongi Performs Chilling Version Of ‘The Sound Of Silence’ On American Idol

An American Idol contestant with a ton of talent turned in a stunning performance of a classic song from the 1960s.

The current season of American Idol is moving right along. The judges are becoming more particular, scrutinizing performances harsher as they whittle down and eliminate contestants. Musicians will have to continually raise their level of performance in order to remain in the game.

Iam Tongi, who has turned in one stunning performance after another all season, did so again. The young man took the stage, played the guitar and sang Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s classic song “The Sound of Silence.”

The young man performed in front of an audience as Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry took in Iam’s rendition of the Simon and Garfunkel hit while seated in a balcony. As per usual, the judges voiced their approval during Iam’s performance.

Lionel told his fellow judges at one point that Iam’s singing and playing of “The Sound of Silence” is “everything we want.”

Katy later told Luke and Lionel that Iam’s heartfelt performance is “what this show is about.”

By the end of his performance, Iam had the judges in tears. Lionel and Katy were spotted pulling out tissues and wiping away tears from their eyes. 

Iam has been one of the judges’ favorites all season, giving deeply emotional performances and being able to connect with the audiences and the judges on a routine basis. The 18-year-old from Hawaii has been able to draw upon the recent death of his father, which has fueled his performances all season.

Right before the clip’s end, Lionel, Luke and Katy inform Iam that he has proven himself worthy of advancing in the competition, moving into the top 24. Iam, with his heartfelt, emotional performances and terrific song choices, could easily become the next American Idol

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