'Praise The King' Corey Voss Acoustic Worship Performance

'Praise The King' Corey Voss Acoustic Worship Performance

Listen to this beautiful acoustic worship performance of the song ‘Praise The King’ by Corey Voss.

“There's a reason why the curse of sin is broken, there's a reason why the darkness
Runs from light, there's a reason why we stand here now, forgiven, Jesus is alive
There’s a reason why we are not overtaken, there’s a reason why we sing on through the night
There’s a reason why our hope remains eternal, Jesus is alive”

What a simple yet powerful song with the most important message to share: Jesus is alive!

Corey Voss talks about how the song ‘Praise The King’ came to be and the impact that the song has had on him.

“‘Praise The King’ was written by Michael Farren, Dustin Smith, Michael Bryce Jr., and myself. This song is a powerful anthem for the Church to sing,” Corey Voss shares. “This lyric and melody speak of the resurrection power of Christ and what He accomplished for us. I believe there are some moments in this song that will help every believer to receive and proclaim the work of Christ in their life.

Corey continues: “I’ve loved the process of seeing this song come to be. When we first wrote it, I said to the guys, ‘This is a perfect song for Easter!’ Michael smiled and said, ‘No, this is an all-year-round song! I would lead this Sunday!’ I’ve had the opportunity to lead it at my home church as well as several other churches that have never heard it before. They all had the same reaction…loud shouts and praise unto the Lord when they sing and recognize ‘There’s a reason why we stand here now forgiven, Jesus is alive!’  What an honor it is to write for His glory and for the nourishment of His people.”

We hope that you enjoyed listening to ‘Praise The King’ by Corey Voss, and it was an encouragement for you today.

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