Cat Steals the Show with Surprise Appearance During Orchestra's Performance

A curious cat stole the show with its surprise appearance during an orchestra’s performance.

Animals are fascinating creatures placed on Earth by the same God who formed you and me. Those critters have their own unique personalities. They all have likes, dislikes, preferences and tastes in just about everything. Anyone who has been or currently is a pet owner will 100 percent agree with that statement.

While animals are different from one another in many ways, there are still some similarities among them. When it comes to cats, they are some of the most stubborn, hard-headed and strong-willed beings you’ll ever encounter. A feline will not do anything it does not want to do.

Also, cats have a natural ability to act as if they own any and every space they enter. They make everything theirs, without regard for anyone else’s thoughts and opinions on the matter. 

So, a clip posted on social media of a cat’s hilarious move should surprise absolutely no one.

In the short video on Instagram, an orchestra is on stage during the 52nd Istanbul Music Festival in Istanbul, Turkey, performing when they get a surprise guest of the furry and four-legged variety. The gray and white-colored cat appears on stage, slowly entering from the right.

However, the feline does not appear bothered by the musicians’ presence. Instead, the cat continues slowly, making its way across the front of the stage. At several moments during its long, slow walk across the stage, the cat stops and stares at the musicians.

Before it exits the stage, the animal feels a tad dirty. It then gives itself an abbreviated bath before continuing its tour across the stage.

Anyone with a cat knows this is the kind of behavior to expect from a feline. The cat also appeared to question what the musicians were doing in its space, which is such a cat thing to do. 

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

Source: abcnews

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