Dick Van Dyke and Tony Randall's Rib-Tickling Vacation Sketch On The Carol Burnett Show

Dick Van Dyke and Tony Randall's Rib-Tickling Vacation Sketch On The Carol Burnett Show

Two comedic legends, Dick Van Dyke And Tony Randall, appeared in a rib-tickling and laugh-out-loud skit On The Carol Burnett Show.

Money is a necessity to function and survive in society. It’s the primary motivating factor why people go to work Monday through Friday. As much as we may like our jobs, the odds are that we wouldn’t keep showing up if it weren’t for that weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. 

Money in and of itself is not a bad thing. In fact, money can do a lot of good in the world. It can pay for a much-needed operation, clothe and feed someone who desperately needs help or put a young person through college. But sometimes, the love of and the excessive desire for money can damage, destroy and strain relationships. 

Dick and Tony played two buddies enjoying a Hawaiian vacation in a hilarious skit from the beloved The Carol Burnett Show. While they appear to be best friends, the hysterical skit demonstrates how quickly those bonds can become weakened whenever money is involved. 

The skit starts with Tony’s character brooding and complaining about losing $10. He may be in paradise, but he is letting something as small as losing money ruin his vacation. 

Dick has heard enough of his constant complaining. He continually tells him that he would not let something so small and insignificant disturb him. To show how little he cares about $10, Dick sets a $10 bill on fire. See, no sweat. Dick doesn’t care!

But things quickly change. Tony discovers that he has not lost his money at all. It was in his pocket the entire time. Dick’s mood changes almost instantly following this revelation.

From that point forward, the two friends go back and forth, bickering about who is owed what, how much and when. By the end of the skit, it’s unclear if they are still friends.

Hebrews 13:5 “Be free from the love of money and pleased with the things which you have; for he himself has said, ‘I will be with you at all times.’”

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