Elk Kicks Up Fun In Surprise Soccer Game With Young Man

There’s an Elk out in the wilderness that’s got game! This elk kicks up fun in a surprise soccer game with a young man and his brother. 

Viewer Shira Moffatt captured an adorable video of her two young boys engaged in an impromptu soccer match with an unexpected teammate—a curious elk. This unusual match took place on a ridge above the boys' driveway, and it’s safe to say the elk was the star striker.

The video begins with the elk's curiosity piqued by a red soccer ball. With a gentle nudge and a playful kick, the ball starts its journey down the ridge toward one of the boys. The elk, showing off its agility, quickly runs over and attempts to dribble the ball with its hooves. This playful sequence repeats, adding to the fun and laughter.

The boys' laughter and the elk's playful antics make this video a goal-worthy watch. It’s a real "hoofball" showdown, showcasing that when it comes to backyard sports, even wildlife can get in on the action.

A Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson commented on the video, noting that the kids kept a safe distance from their antlered playmate. “The children were not harassing the animal,” the spokesperson said. “They didn’t throw the ball directly at it, ensuring everyone played by the rules.”

As the elk continued its game of kick-and-sniff, it was clear that this friendly match was a hit. The boys were over the moon with their new teammate, and the elk seemed to enjoy the break from its usual forest foraging activities. Not every day you see an elk with such "footwork" finesse!

So, if you ever find yourself near a ridge with a soccer ball, you might just find an elk ready to join your team. This charming encounter reminds us that in the game of life, sometimes the most unexpected players can steal the show and score big laughs.

Proverbs 17:22 "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."

Source: 9News

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