"Hand's" JEWEL~Perfected by Maria.


Maria has the talent to make it to the top. Here is a classic even to the point of this being a new version Hit!! ..It's very good!! Go Girl!! God will guide & make the path clear.....I thank her for letting me post tghis incredible song......

Song by Jewel Sung by Maria..It's worth a look at her channel...\"prosperia\" This is another archive video. But for those who are interested, we have the internet back now...yay, and a new camera... yay, So there will be new vids up in the very near future. Lord willing and the creek dont rise. ;) The song speaks for itself. Nothing in life is a guarantee and you can bet that hard times are going to come. You've got to be able to pick yourself back up and keep going. Yes its a struggle, yes its hard, yes you fail, and sometimes you might need a hand up after you've fallen on your butt. But you've got to stand on your own. In the end, the responsibility falls to you. You can either lay there and expect someone else to do it for you, or you can roll your sleeves up and get it tdone. I believe in Liberty, personal responsibility, and stregnth through faith. They seem like fading principles in the world we live in today. Sometimes it seems like the voices that are shouting above us are so many and they drown out the quiet song of the everyday person.... but I know, I have faith, that I am not alone. We surround them. Its our family, our friends, and our community that we should look to when you fall on hard times. Its time to recconect with our values, our principles a

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