Your Church and the Orphan

Your Church and the Orphan

Your Church and the Orphanâ„¢ is a powerful, interactive, and fun one-day event that will bring together a group of passionate like-minded people from your church to pray, dream and learn about how God might want to use your church on behalf of the orphan. For more information visit

This informative, biblical, and hands-on group workshop experience will serve as a catalyst to help your church launch a ministry to orphans.

The schedule will include:

* Eight steps to launching an orphans ministry in your church

* Creatively guided prayer and discussion times that will get your church well on its way to a plan for launching a church orphans ministry

* An overview of key organizations that can help your church orphans ministry do what God calls you to do

* Useful tools to help you take your next steps

* Opportunities to interact with other churches in your area whose members share the same passions as you

Who should come?

Any follower of Christ who wants to explore how their church can make a difference for orphans and waiting children.

How many people from my church should come?

Anywhere from 3-12 people is ideal. But, if you have more than 12 sign up, certainly feel free to bring everyone.