More Care, love & compassion

In the face of disaster, Chinese people united as one to fight against hardships. The mass of ordinary citizens at home, the overseas Chinese, and compatriots from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao voluntarily reached into their pockets to make donations. In many cities of China, people waiting to donate blood stood in long queues; and Beijing reported its blood bank was up to saturation.

The Wenchuan quake has been the forefront of media attention these days. Many foreign media highly touted China's prompt response to the disaster and the rapid deployment of military troops in the disaster-hit areas. The A.P. was cited as saying that in the run-up to the August Olympics, China is well-prepared to tackle breaking events. Some other media shifted their focus to the more tear-jerking stories. Premier Wen Jiabao shed tears at the sight of two school children trapped beneath debris; and he constantly comforted and encouraged them during the rescue process. His tears, his deeds and his words in the rescue mission have been covered extensively by media at home and abroad. The aging Chinese Premier has won popularity and respect worldwide in his manner of always keeping sincere and dear to the people.

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