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Elizabeth Smart Starts Self Defense Movement After Terrifying Encounter On Flight

Elizabeth Smart Starts Self Defense Movement After Terrifying Encounter On Flight

Inspirational survivor Elizabeth Smart shares why she’s helping other women take back their power after a terrifying incident on recent Delta flight.

Elizabeth was just 14 years old, when she was kidnapped and suffered through months of horrible sexual abuse. But her faith in God helped to get her through and, now, Elizabeth Smart has been fully restored by Him.

Since that time, Elizabeth has openly shared her story and uses it to inspire and encourage others. Sadly, this Christian celebrity recently found herself as the victim of yet another sexual predator.

Elizabeth told Gayle King, in a CBS This Morning interview, how she was flying home to Utah and fell asleep during the flight. “I’ve always felt safe on an airplane,” she explained. “I’ve never been worried — I’ve never felt threatened on an airplane until now.”

But everything changed when Elizabeth awoke to inappropriate touching from the man sitting next to her. “I was shocked. I mean the last time someone touched me without my say so was when I was kidnapped. And I froze. I didn’t know what to do.”

The frightening incident left Elizabeth feeling vulnerable and helpless all over again. “I kept saying to myself, ‘You’re Elizabeth Smart. You should know what to do.'”

She immediately notified Delta and an investigation is currently underway. But Elizabeth felt compelled to do more. That’s when her husband encouraged her to share her experience with a family friend trained in self-defense. And it led Elizabeth to a powerful revelation.

So, Elizabeth started to train in self-defense and decided to use her position to help other women do the same. Elizabeth Smart now offers a program called Smart Defense. It’s self-defense classes for women and girls with the goal of empowering them to fight back if ever attacked.

Elizabeth is the true definition of an overcomer and this testimony is truly inspiring.

H/T GodUpdates (https://www.godupdates.com/elizabeth-smart-now-self-defense-class/)