Dance Crew V Unbeatable Earn The Golden Buzzer On AGT: The Champions

Dance Crew V Unbeatable Earn The Golden Buzzer On AGT: The Champions

The V Unbeatable dance crew returns to the America’s Got Talent stage with an awe-inspiring routine.

We first met this dance group during the 2019 season of AGT. Most of the members come from the slums of Mumbai. In these areas, there is no electricity and the conditions are very dirty.

Many times there are seven or more people in one area that is meant for barely two. The chance to appear on America’s Got Talent was a dream come true. It gave these dancers the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their family.

Even though they did not win their season, the crew achieved worldwide fame appearing in Las Vegas shows and touring India. There is even a movie being made about their journey.

Today, V Unbeatable is back on the stage that started it all as contestants on America’s Got Talent: The Champions. This special format of competition features over 40 acts from all across the globe.

The list of contenders includes past winners, finalists and fan-favorites from the entire Got Talent franchise. “We are here to finish what we started and we want to win more than anything.”

After a gravity-defying performance, the audience was on their feet cheering. And the thrills didn’t stop there. Each judge gave V Unbeatable a glowing review, with Simon Cowell even saying, “I think this has probably been one of the best acts we’ve seen in Champions this year.”

But it was judge Howie Mandel that received the biggest cheers when he reached over and pressed his golden buzzer sending V Beatable straight through to the finals.

Who is ready for their next performance?