Meant 2 Live Presents Splendor Featuring Toby Mac

Meant 2 Live Presents Splendor Featuring Toby Mac

Meant 2 Live Foundation in partnership with IMPACT Collective has launched Splendor, a new ministry to serve homeless communities and prisons in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. Splendor is a revival mission utilizing the universal power of music to impact lives by presenting live pop up worship concerts that bring encouraging, inspirational, and hopeful messages to disadvantaged families. We’re breaking outside the walls with a ministry that nourishes the body and soul by providing music, food, clothing, fresh haircuts, employment opportunities, and counseling to those who are living in difficult circumstances in our Nation’s Capital.

Our 2nd Splendor featured a private limousine bus that delivered homeless constituents from DC General Family Shelter to attend a sold out concert featuring Toby Mac, Brit Nicole, and Colton Dixon where they received “Speak Life” wrist bands and “This is not a Test” t-shirts, dinner, Bibles, and a private Meet N Greet with Toby back stage followed by an uplifting concert experience.

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