Jesus Name Above All Names

Jesus Name Above All Names

2016 Christian Music Video, Jesus Name Above All Names. The video & music celebrates the gospel of Jesus Christ, sharing inspirational scripture references throughout the video.


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Each day I pray, thankful for the way,
The truth and life, the risen Christ.
Jesus name above all names
Not long ago, the story unfolds.
He set the captive free, on Calvary

A grain of faith, is all we need
To cast a mountain to the sea.
Believe - Receive - Him now

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
As the choir sings in praise
In one accord, we glorify His name
Yesterday, today and forever
He is our God, Lord and Savior
Jesus name above all names

I can’t explain or comprehend
where would I begin?
On my knees, years of shame washed away

Without the Lord I know, I’m a broken man
A wave tossed by the sea, a leaf blown in the wind
I understand, footprints in the sand
He carries me, when I am weak

A mystery, not all will see, in the twinkling of an eye
Unbelief will never see paradise
Many will say in that day, (Lord, Lord)
We prophesied in your name, we did miracles and cast out devils
He will say to these I never knew you, those things you did were not of me

Don’t walk away, led astray, a sheep lost in the night
Straight is the gate, narrow the way
That leads to life, but few will find
With all your heart, seek