Military Dad Homecoming Surprise At Dolphin Show

12-year-old Kristi simply thought she and her mom were going to the zoo for the day. But little did she know that something amazing was about to happen.

While Kristi and her mom were watching the zoo's popular dolphin show, they were picked out of the audience to help with a demonstration. Kristi thought nothing of it until the dolphin handler announced that a very special guest, Captain Joshua Flury, was in the house.

Kristi locked eyes with her father and immediately ran and jumped into her his arms. She started crying tears of joy right then and there. Kristi's dad has been serving overseas for 10 months and wasn't scheduled to arrive home for a few more weeks but he was given special permission to come home early and spend quality time with his daughter before she starts school.

I am so glad they caught this precious memory on camera for this family to cherish for decades. God bless Captain Joshua and all of our military serving our country.

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