Little Boy Reminds Us Why Dads Are Superheroes

Little Boy Reminds Us Why Dads Are Superheroes

There's truly no one like our fathers. Whether it's our Father in Heaven or the one we have been given on Earth, these men are an important part of our lives.

This special video will be the perfect reminder that dads aren't just your everyday man. Just watch as this sweet little boy sits in class when his teacher asks him what his dad did for a living. He responded by saying his dad is a superhero. The whole class laughed but then this smart boy explained all the incredible traits about his dad that made him a superhero.

He talked about his dad's strength and how he is always there when you need him. The reality of the situation is that his dad is a struggling single father who works as a maintenance man. But how this dad is seen through the eyes of his son is such a beautiful reminder to all the dads out there that you are super. Your child truly sees you in a different light and this eye-opening video really tugged at all my heartstrings. Thank you to all the dads out there helping to provide for their families.

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