'Burdens' Jamie Kimmett Official Music Video

'Burdens' Jamie Kimmett Official Music Video

Rising Christian artist Jamie Kimmett releases his first official music video with ‘Burdens.’ These powerful words remind us that God is ready to shoulder our Earthly worries and provide us with never-ending comfort.

“Come and lay your burdens down
To the place where freedom is found
At the feet, at the feet of Jesus
Come and lay your burdens down”

Jamie is a talented Scottish singer-songwriter with a true heart for God. Jamie was just a young boy when he realized that he wanted a career in music. His dream took him all the way to Los Angeles where he received big opportunities from top record labels. But along the way, he continued to feel like someone was trying to get his attention.

On his website, Jamie wrote, “I was living my life as if God didn’t exist. I wasn’t an atheist, it just wasn’t something I thought about.” Time after time, God spoke to Jamie in unique ways. Finally, after visiting church with a friend, the young artist started a relationship with the Lord. Jamie even turned down a record deal with a major label when he felt God leading him in a different direction.

That’s when Jamie left LA to travel back home and learn more about the Word of God. That monumental life change eventually came full circle when Jamie was offered a spot with a Christian music label.

Now, he’s combining his two greatest loves, God and music to create amazing worship that gives praise to His Name.

“When we see Him face to face
All our worries will surely fade away
In the presence of His glorious light
We’ll sing hallelujah to the one who gave us life”

Jamie put it best when he said, “When music was my identity, I was only as good as the next song I wrote or the next performance. Finding a relationship with Christ has been the most fulfilling thing in my life.”

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