'Only You Can' Jeremy Camp Lyric Video

'Only You Can' Jeremy Camp Lyric Video

Dove award-winning artist Jeremy Camp releases the official lyrics video for his latest single, ‘Only You Can.’ These powerful words remind us that we find redemption and hope through God and God alone.

“Only in You, hey, only in You, hey
Here in Your presence
You're making us new
Only in You, hey, only in You, hey
Nothing compares to the life we find only in You”

For nearly two decades, Jeremy Camp has been spreading God’s Word through worship music. Time and time, he uses music to share the love and comfort that comes from the Lord.

Jeremy’s recent album reveals a meaningful time in his life. He said, “The album, from “Dead Man Walking” to the title-track, “The Story’s Not Over” follow a reflection period in my life and share my story about how God rescued me through all I’ve been through, but it’s not over. I want you to always look back and see how God’s been faithful, remembering the good in the midst of those hard times.”

Just listen as Jeremy belts out the incredible lyrics to ‘Only You Can.’

“Our strong tower
Our great refuge
In the shadow of Your wings
Halleluiah, we have found
The source of everything we need”

Let the Lord be your strength and the light that will always guide you home. Rest your worries on His shoulders and be blessed by His Holy Name. This new single from Jeremy Camp is the perfect way to sing of His many wonders.

Who else agrees?

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