Southerners Imagine If Chick-Fil-A Ran All Businesses

Southerners Imagine If Chick-Fil-A Ran All Businesses

This video made by It’s A Southern Thing is sure to keep you laughing! The southerners behind it filmed different hilarious scenarios where they imagined how it would play out if Chick-fil-A had their hand in all businesses. Introducing – Chick-fil-A prime!

The voiceover starts by saying, “Dining out with friends and family can be a real treat. But terrible customer service can ruin it for everyone.”

Then a woman gets a plate of pasta and shrimp after she ordered chicken. The waiter doesn’t seem to care and even sticks his fingers in her dish. She looks at her husband and asks if he is going to do anything, to which he responds, “It’s okay, I ordered a better waiter.”

Now here comes Chick-fil-A to save the day! “Introducing Chick-fil-A Prime. The yearly subscription that brings Chick-fil-A’s award-winning customer service straight to you,” says the voiceover on the video.

Next, an overly apologetic Chick-fil-A employee comes up to the table to fix the woman’s order and gives her a coupon for a free ice cream cone. But the helpfulness of the Chick-fil-A employee doesn’t stop there!

We find him next at the man’s workplace, offering to help him with making copies. “How did you get in here? We have a lot of security,” says the man. The Chick-fil-A employee hilariously responds with “The Holy Spirit works in mysterious ways.”

Later, the voiceover tells viewers that “No matter how big the problem is, Chick-fil-A’s infinitely cheerful employees are here to assist you.” That’s when the Chick-fil-A employee comes up to the woman in traffic, tells her about the accident up ahead and that the ambulance is on the way. Also, he shares that he has already prayed for everyone who was involved.

The end of the video had me cracking up when the voiceover recites “Chick-fil-A Prime: premium customer service that goes above and way beyond (not available on Sundays).”

Even though this is a parody of Chick-fil-A’s service, it’s still true to the actions of their employees. You’ll always hear “It was my pleasure” or “Have a blessed day” when you’re there, and the service is always outstanding. What a funny video to keep us smiling and remind us of how helpful Chick-fil-A employees really are!