Viral Yodeler Mason Ramsey Debuts 'How Could I Not'

Viral Yodeler Mason Ramsey Debuts 'How Could I Not'

Pint-sized country crooner Mason Ramsey showcases his incredible talent with his latest single, ‘How Could I Not.’ Mason became a household name after a video of him singing in a WalMart was posted online.

Million of people saw his impromptu grocery store performance and he was instantly adored. Since that viral moment, 12-year-old Mason has gone on to sing on numerous talk shows, the Grand Ole Opry stage and even released his own album.

Today, he’s releasing another new song and it will have you toe-tapping along in no time.

“Well, how could I not, knock, knock, baby, knock on your door?
Help you hop up right in my Ford?
Can't afford to miss one minute with you
Oh baby, how could I not
Wanna show you off on the town?
Wanna hold you, spin you around?
Anywhere with you would be hard to top
So, how could I not?”

The young man is truly making a name for himself as the next generation of country music. His unmistakable country accent and cowboy hat make Mason a must-see music act. Just listen as he belts out the worlds to ‘How Can I Not’ with the backdrop of a country fair behind him.

“Wanna ditch my plans
Come hold your hand, and spend all afternoon
Yeah, there ain't no question if you're asking what I'd rather do
'Cause anytime I know I'm gonna get to see your baby blues
Yeah, that's always an easy choice, the truth”

This young man has certainly come a long way since yodeling in Walmart. And I have a feeling that it only goes up from here!