84-Year-Old Army Nurse Completes 10 Pushups

84-Year-Old Army Nurse Completes 10 Pushups

This 84-year-old Army nurse proved that age is just a number as she completed 10 pushups in a challenge at the airport.

A lot of people think that when you reach a certain age, you are unable to participate in physical activities or truly energy life. Veteran Lt. Col. Maggie DeSanti served as a nurse during the Vietnam War.

Recently, she was at the airport in Phoenix, Arizona for a flight to Washington D.C. through the Honor Flight organization. This non-profit helps veterans fly to the Capitol to visit the monuments.

Maggie came decked out in her Army uniform and ready to prove that she was still fit for serve. While going through security, she challenged the TSA agent to a pushup challenge. The younger gentlemen accepted and the two got down on the floor and started to push out reps.

Everyone was in awe when Maggie had no problem completing ten pushups. This is just another example of why age really is just a state of mind.

This 84-year-old is living proof that if we keep things moving and take care of our bodies, we too can be moving easily long after we reach ‘over the hill’ status. She is such an inspiration to everyone watching and definitely put a big smile on my face!

We are so thankful for the brave men and women, like Maggie, who served and continue to serve our country. When I am this age, I hope that I have half as much energy as this incredible veteran!

Who else agrees?