13-Year-Old Pianist Plays For Passengers In Airport

13-Year-Old Pianist Plays For Passengers In Airport

A young and talented 13-year-old pianist has got a gig playing for passengers as they pass through the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. And while he plays, people can be seen rocking along to his music in chairs nearby, taking pictures and videos of him while they stand and watch, or even dancing along to the music in the main concourse. He is definitely a crowd pleaser!

Evan Brezicki, who lives in Mooresville, NC with his parents and older brother, has eight years of piano training and is one of Charlotte’s most talented young pianists. He volunteers his time, once a week, to share his talent with people in the airport. And with the Charlotte airport being the sixth busiest airport in the country and the seventh worldwide, many people have been blessed to hear Evan play.

“I’m here to brighten people’s days, I guess,” Evan says with a smile. The talented musician has a wide variety of songs on his play list, most of which he plays from memory. His fingers move up and down the keys while songs from so many different artists, like Billy Joel, Beethoven, Queen, or Adele come out from the piano.

“He’s always a crowd stopper,” says Charles Tabor, who is the airport’s exhibit coordinator that oversees the volunteer piano program. “He plays, and everybody stops to watch.”

But Charles admits that he wasn’t so sure about Evan playing in the airport at first, because of his young age. “When I brought him on, I was kind of skeptical because he’s so young. But after hearing his music, I decided that, not only is he a good player, but he can be an inspiration to all kids that are coming through the airport.”

Some of the travelers that hear Evan play even leave him notes of appreciation. “Most of the notes that people give me are like, ‘Thank you so much. You’ve taken the stress off of traveling,” Evan says. “I think that’s mostly what people feel.”

He even gets tips sometimes from people passing by, which he is saving up for his college education. And Evan says that if he ends up going to college nearby, he’d like to continue doing his gig at the airport.

What a talented young man who is using his gift to bring joy to others! May he continue to do what he loves and bless those around him with his music.