Water-Loving Cat Acts Like One Of His Dog Brothers

Water-Loving Cat Acts Like One Of His Dog Brothers

Marlin, the water-loving cat, acts just like one of his dog brothers, and by his owner’s account, he’s pretty good.

Marlin is a part of a decently-sized family, a number of brother dogs, owner Caroline Jarvis, and her partner. Marlin’s furry companions are a mix of different breeds and different sizes. Marlin himself is the smallest of the bunch.

“When we first got Marlin he was like 5-weeks old. He just joined the pack. He really just thought he was a dog. He would do anything they did,” Caroline shared.

“He watched them. He would drink out of the same water bowl and when we went to the beach he just was like, ‘They’re walking down the beach. I’m gonna walk down the beach.’ And the dogs would run in the water and touch the ocean and play around. So he would jump in the ocean and walk in there. It’s just what he thought he was supposed to do.”

Marlin’s ability to blend into his dog family has been aided in large part by his curiosity and desire for companionship. He follows the other pets around and mimics their behavior. He’s definitely not on the outside, but very much an insider.

Caroline remarked that after two days of having Marlin, he expressed curiosity with water.

“We were like, ‘What the heck? This cat loves water,’” she commented.

At her home, Caroline has steps leading down to a creek. Her pups are always eager to jump and play in the water, but Marlin’s curiosity led him to explore these steps one day. Then in he went, falling into the water.

“We were like, ‘Oh my gosh!’”

Though surprised, they didn't rush to rescue the kitten because as they saw, he didn’t need rescuing. “And we just let him swim,” she added. And swim Marlin did.

Initially, he was swimming away from them, but after calling his name, Marlin easily turned back and swam to Caroline.

The family takes boat trips at times, and Marlin stands just above the water, bold and unafraid along with his larger dog brothers. Caroline even drops Marlin off with her parents along with the dogs sometimes. And guess how Marlin enters the house--through the dog door, of course!

Marlin may look very different, but he has definitely found a home among canines. And he’s definitely found a home in his human mother Caroline.

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