Terrified Dog Couldn't Make Eye Contact Until Rescuer Gave Him A Safe Home

Terrified Dog Couldn't Make Eye Contact Until Rescuer Gave Him A Safe Home

Watch this scared dog learn to love again as his new owner patiently gains his trust.

Most dogs naturally love to socialize with people. Even shy dogs have their person that they want to be around. But this poor pooch had no idea that people could be his friends.

On his way to his new forever home, Walt, the hound mix, stared at the floor with his head hanging. His body was pressed against the car door as if he was trying to find a place to hide. The leash didn’t scare him much, but Walt did not want to step into the strange house.

Poor thing was used to betrayal and distance, and now all of a sudden, this mom and daughter want to give him all of the love in the world.

Walt’s new furry sibling couldn’t contain her excitement and wiggled all around him. She couldn’t wait to start playing with her new friend, but he still closed himself off from her and the humans. His new mom, Kelly, said, “He sat and stared at the wall for hours. And even when I touched him to comfort him, he was cowering away from me because he was afraid I was going to hurt him.”

Slowly, Walt got more comfortable exploring his new home and even greeting the people that live in it! Kelly said that she knew Walt felt safe when he started to put his head in her lap or under her hand because he wanted a pet.

He eventually learned how to play like a dog and would challenge Kelly by jumping toward her wagging his tail. She would jump back toward him, and he’d take off running around their back yard only to come back and do something over and over again.

Walt’s new sister loves sharing a bed with him so they often snuggle in one bed. He truly seems like he’s grown to trust his new family with his life. Walt now knew what warmth and love felt like instead of being neglected.

God bless Kelly and her family for giving Walt a home, and may they have endless happy days together!

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