Cracker Barrel Waitress Goes Viral After Impressive Happy Birthday Serenade

Cracker Barrel Waitress Goes Viral After Impressive Happy Birthday Serenade

This talented Cracker Barrel waitress goes viral after impressive Happy Birthday serenade to one lucky guest.

An unsuspecting guest just wanted a nice country breakfast for his birthday. Jared Gravatt got a personal performance during his birthday breakfast.

In the video, Jared can’t take his eyes off of his waitress because she has the voice of an angel. Her little concert started off modestly, but then she quickly revealed her talent by the end of the first sentence.

A lot of people probably prefer the opposite of this jaw-dropping performance -- no singing at all. After all, a group of strangers or one person singing to you for your birthday in a very public setting is bound to make a person uncomfortable. What do you do? Do you smile? Do you sing along? Other tables start staring at your table trying to figure out who turned another year older.

But how could you say no to a performance like this?

Miranda Joy Willmore, the singing waitress, apparently took it upon herself to sing to the birthday boy once she found out that he was there celebrating. I bet she’s glad that she did!

Miranda stuns the table with incredible runs and vocal control. A talent like this deserves to be known outside of a Cracker Barrel. I would imagine Ellen Degeneres or someone else will track her down to give the world what it wants -- a true performance on an actual stage!

In the middle of the serenade, another waiter runs right between Miranda and the table as if it’s nothing new to him. By the end of the clip, Jared still can’t believe what he’s hearing. The table and other guests nearby begin clapping for her as she continues her runs on the final ‘you’ for added effect.

God blessed Miranda with a beautiful voice, and she is sharing it with the world however she can!

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