Romans; Love is Faith-Obedience Part B

Romans; Love is Faith-Obedience Part B

Romans; Love is Faith/Obedience

John 14:15 KJV 15 If ye love me, keep my commandments.

This is what Jesus said to his disciples. This also was Israel's failure in Romans 9, 10, 11

The love of God, first and foremost originates from God for God is love. Not from us to God first.

Our love to God is only exhibited by obedience to God's truth.

This love of God in practice, is what bonds the body of Christ and is essential for the stewardship of the great Sacred Secret.

This love of God to God is our response to the instruction given in the doctrine of the book of Romans.

Teaching starts 1:23

We get confronted with things we are not sure of. 5:00

When the bible talks about walking it is talking about doing spiritual things. 10:00

Jesus is alive right now to come along and help us. 15:00

To speak the truth is on a much grander scale than just not lying 20:00

John had not written to the believers because they didn't know the truth they did, but to say no lie is of the truth 25:00

He who commits sin is of the devil because the devil sinned from the beginning 30:00

The love of God is spiritual therefore the natural man cannot understand it. 35:00

As he is so are we in this world 40:00