'Love Me To Death' - Music Video From Kathie Lee Gifford

In 2015, Kathie Lee Gifford lost her husband, Frank Gifford, after 29 years of marriage. It was a Sunday morning and Kathie Lee found him on the floor of the home that they shared together. Since that time, the popular morning show host has always been open about her loss and how she continues to heal each day. As she worked through her grief, she was inspired to write a movie, loosely based on her life, titled ‘Love Me To Death.’

The film focuses on a widowed woman who learns to live and love again. While working on the screenplay, God put words on Kathie Lee’s heart and the theme song to the film was created. Also titled ‘Love Me To Death,’ this heartfelt song speaks to anyone who has lost a significant other.

‘What a way to go
What a way to die
If just once in my life
I get to feel this alive with you
So good and tender
In that sweet moment of surrender
When I close my eyes
And held my very breath
And let you love me to death’

Kathie Lee teamed up with Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter Brett James to complete the song and the duet that followed is absolutely stunning. Each and every single note is full of hope and truth. Kathie Lee is such a strong woman and she is truly an inspiration to us all. Thank you for having the courage to share your story and continue to work each day to turn your grief into triumph.
Source: Bobby Bones

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