Mark Lowry On The Struggles Of Aging

Mark Lowry On The Struggles Of Aging

Christian singer, songwriter, and comedian Mark Lowry shares his hilarious thoughts on the struggles of aging.

It’s not always easy getting older. It can be hard to deal with changes in your mind and body. A lot of people think that once you get older, it means you are limited in what you can do. People will tell you all of the things that you will miss out on or the things that you are no longer allowed to do. But age is really nothing but a number. And, a little bit of humor when it comes to getting older helps to ease us into the process. Nobody knows this better than Christian artist and comedian Mark Lowry.

Mark is a celebrated singer who has performed with the Gaither Vocal Band and even co-wrote the famous Christmas song ‘Mary, Did You Know?’ Today, he’s taking to the stage to talk about getting older. Mark is 60, so he definitely knows about some of the struggles that come with aging.

Just listen as he hilariously discusses why older people get up so early and what it’s like to find hair in strange places. It seems like each day he discovers something new about getting old and I just love that he’s sharing all the hilarity with us right now.

This funny guy will have you rolling on the floor with laughter when he mentions some of the changes that take place. What do you think of Mark's take on getting older? I’ll admit, when he started talking about the eyebrows, I completely lost it. This is one funny guy.

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